You don't need teabags, baskets, gadgets, or doohickeys to make great tea. You just need TEA, a tablespoon and a 3-PIECE SYSTEM.

What is important:

  • your leaves have room to extract, steeping unrestrained by bags and small baskets. (STEEP TEA IN RANGE POT)
  • that you are able to stop that extraction at the perfect time, ensuring a consistent and delicious experience, no more over-steeped second cups. (POUR INTO TEA DECANTER TO SERVE FROM)
  • that you can filter out the smaller particulates for a clean taste and a brilliant appearance. (POUR THROUGH TEA STRAINER)
  • that your able to do this all in a casual, easy, convenient and drip-free way. No more delicately lifting a hot basket or squeezing a bag and running to the garbage can. (TEA STRAINER NESTS IN BOTH POT AND DECANTER)
  • and, be ready to serve the second cup (not over-steeped) while making a second pot.

Multifunctional, well designed and durable--Each of these pieces are great on their own but together create a system that works for all tea types, occasions and settings.