We are a family of four with two cats and a dog, and perhaps someday, a goat or two.


We operate a small tea kitchen located in a peaceful wood outside of Oregon City Oregon. This is where we create and offer tiny batches of tea, of our own design and made in our own way. Where we prioritize execution over everything else and continually explore and practice the skills of our craft.


Our products reflect our tastes, our interests and our work. We tailor them by the season and craft them from single origin teas and botanicals sourced at their prime from the best producers in the world. Yeah, we know, everyone says that. Made by hand, our hands, in small quantities, they are available until they are gone, or until the next season.


We strive to be original and authentic in everything we do and are driven by hard work and the pride in making something special. That, and hanging out with our boys. We launched ATCO partly because we wanted more time with our kids, because before, it felt like we were working just to make enough money to pay someone to watch them. So now we are always close to home, close to school and close to them.