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A caffeine free blend created in collaboration with T Project to benefit Family Meal PDX- a Portland based nonprofit providing financial relief to Oregon's food service and agricultural workers in medical or debt crisis.

Bright, aromatic, soothing and comforting with balanced smoke and savory elements making a unique and delicious chamomile tea perfect for these restless times. 

For each bag sold $10.00 will be donated to Family Meal PDX to help fund their mission.

For more information, or to make a direct donation please visit:


Chamomile blossoms smoked with whiskey barrel staves of white oak, grated ginger root, blue cornflower and essence of tangerine. 


We started by whittling down whiskey barrel staves into small chips, making them ready to burn in the smoker. We then sorted the chamomile blossoms to remove loose petals and to sort and size to perfection before smoking the blossoms and allowing to rest.  Then we handed them over to T Project to create the finished blend.

T Project added grated ginger to compliment the savoriness of the smoked apple-like chamomile. From there a small touch of tangerine essence gave the tea bright aromatics and a sweet and candied nose. A touch of blue cornflower was added to stretch out the flavors and open up while adding visual beauty to the blend.


Hot:  We recommend using 2 grams, or one heaping tablespoon, of dry tea per per 8-10 oz water just off boil. Bring water to tea for this blend, place tea in pot or brewing vessel of choice and pour water directly over leaves. Steep for 5 minutes. 

Cold:  Make hot tea, allow to cool, enjoy.


50 grams loose tea (approximately 25 8-10 oz servings), lovingly made and packed by hand, well four hands in total.  Includes metal clip to reseal biodegradable bag once opened. 


photography by Cheryl Juetten