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We made this rose scented tea to give to our moms for Mother’s Day. But, we made a bit extra in case you would like to send some to your mother too. Starting with an exquisite Bai Hao oolong, we added a touch of Yunnan white tea for its delicate profile, and to open up and stretch out the dark floral aroma of the oolong. Next we added pink rose petals, just enough to compliment the tea but staying clear of soap or perfume. Finally, plum blossoms add beauty to the blend and a whisper of sweet elderflower ties it all together without taking the spotlight. 

This tea is soft, gentle and nuanced yet flavorful and everlasting.  It is of strong character and backbone that never gives up and stays with you—does that remind you of anyone?



1.2 oz (35) loose tea lovingly packed to order into our signature box.  Includes SS clip to reseal bag once opened and a handy things-to-do list to plot out your next moves. 

INGREDIENTS: (in descending order)

Bai Hao Oolong, Fujian, China

White tea, Yunnan, China

Pink Rose Petals, Morocco

Plum Blossoms, Oregon City, USA

Elderflower extract, France



Hot:  We recommend using one heaping tablespoon (3 grams), of dry tea leaves per 8-10 oz water at around 190 F, steep 3-4 minutes.

Cold:  Steep per hot tea suggestions and allow to cool. Pour over ice. Cold brew overnight and then strain into a white wine glass for a lovely treat.