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An herbal infusion (naturally caffeine free) made from chamomile, sage and smoked lavender. Inspired by the west and a picture of Hemingway with his feet up in front of a fire. Light bodied, warm sage spice with notes of apple, alfalfa and gentle lavender. 


25 grams loose tea (approximately 14 8 oz servings), lovingly packed in our tea matchbox.  Includes metal clip to reseal bag once opened. 


Chamomile, Egypt, 2019

Sage, USA, 2019

Lavender, USA, 2019


The lavender is gently smoked with cherry wood and allowed to rest before being blended with sage and set aside. Chamomile blossoms are gently sifted to remove excess pollen and odd sized blossoms before being folded into the sage and lavender blend. The blend is allowed to rest before packing for the aromatics to marry.


Hot: We recommend using 2 grams, or one tablespoon, of dry tea per 8-10 oz. water just off boil. Bring water to tea for this blend, place tea in pot or brewing vessel of choice and pour water directly over leaves.  Steep 5 min.

Cold: Steep per hot tea suggestions and allow to cool before refrigerating or pouring over ice.