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SEASON: 2021

Built around the best peppermint in the world, we first made this tea back in 2019 and it quickly became a crowd favorite. Toasted buckwheat and a light touch of cacao shells build on the peppermint's natural character while opening it up and softening its cooling nature. creating a mint tea that is so-much more than a breath mint.

7 oz (200g) loose tea (20 servings) PACKED IN A BIODEGRADEABLE KRAFT BAG

INGREDIENTS: naturally caffeine free

Peppermint leaves, toasted buckwheat, cacao shells


Hot: We recommend using 3 grams, or one tablespoon, of dry tea per 8-10 oz. water just off boil. Bring water to tea for this blend, place tea in pot or brewing vessel of choice and pour water directly over leaves.  Steep 5 min.

Cold: Steep per hot tea suggestions and allow to cool before refrigerating or pouring over ice.