October - 23

Our summer was busy, short, hot, and filled with a plethora of minor setbacks. It felt like the wind was in our face the entire season. But, slowly and surely, we made progress and even found time for some adventures out chasing the wind.

We cupped our way through the summer harvests, finding guts and glory in Assam and old friends in the land of the thunderbolt. We built out more warehouse space in our tea kitchen and laid plans for our next steps. 

We chopped wood and carried water, as they say, and readied ourselves for winter—crafting teas to hunker down with on the cold and dark days ahead. We hope you enjoy.

Stay well.

F/W '23





Lunchtime is the perfect time for green tea. Its soft and soothing character compliments a variety of flavors and cuisines.  It improves digestion, provides a physical and mental boost for the second half of your day—and sipping warm green tea between bites makes you slow down and savor the experience. 

So we set out to make a tea designed to pair with winter lunches. Delicate and comforting green tea gently tossed with a Vietnamese spice and mint blend, this is a tea to slow down and enjoy with food, and then after, move fast and purposeful in your hectic day.

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for the latte lovers


a tea made for steamed milk

In 2019 we set out to make a black tea built for lattes. This year we went back to that recipe and using teas from the recent harvests, crafted another batch that is even better.

The goal was to build a tea that when concentrated, didn't require sugar to tame the bite and dryness that strong black teas assert, and that has the pigment and viscosity for great latte art—all while keeping its character squarely in the world of English tea.

Made from top shelf black teas, aged Puerh, roasted barley and a tiny amount of avocado oil to smooth out the astringency, this is a tea for tea lovers, that also love lattes.

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seasonal quote

"If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience"

—George Bernard Shaw