I've been tasting, buying, formulating and making tea for over 23 years now. From traditional teabags to full leaf sachets, bottled teas, concentrates, lattes, sparkling tea sodas, loose leaf barrel-aged blends, smoked tea snow-cones, and all points between.

I've made tea with brands big and small, for chefs and celebrities (and some that are both) and with makers of all types—including the world's best banjo player. Now that was a fun day, why can't they all be like that?


I am good at what I do because I was trained by one of the best, and because I had the patience and passion to learn the long way. I wasn't taught how to make great tea, I made great tea alongside a master of the craft for over a decade before adding my own voice. After a second ten years of tasting, sourcing and formulating I started finding my groove. And the third decade, well, is starting off quite nicely.